16 Jul 2016

Spring Projects 2016 sum up

Audio for promo video of Anka Koziel's new project: Slightly Odd - recording, mix and mastering

Ons Hart - PS Theater - Leiden, Aalmarktzaal - Sound Design and FOH

compilation of moments from the play (camera audio)

Pictures (rehearsal period) by Anna Glinka 

Mix and Mastering - Koosje Sekreve debut CD: Onder Mijn Huid

CD available on Spotify here:

Project 128@ Zaal 100, Amsterdam - FOH

KONTAKTE - Dag in de Branding @Theater a/h Spui, Den Haag - system tech/coordination

Project 128@ Doka, Amsterdam - FOH

Pictures by Atsushi Harada

Winter projects '15-'16 sum up

Roodhapje - Holland Opera Amersfoort - FOH and co-sound design

Metropole Orkest and Ben van Gelder&Reinier Baas - Rotterdam LantarenVenster - stage tech

Ballet performances @KC - FOH

Project 128@ Almere, Corrosia - FOH

The Case project@KC - sound design and coordination

23 Feb 2016


I am really proud to announce that I was very very lucky to be a part of a project that recently won a Grammy award!

2 years ago we got a chance by DaCapo to be a team working for Snarky Puppy and Metropole Orkest collaboration which turned into amazing Sylva album!
Below some of the pictures I took those days :)

Autumn projects 2015 sum up

Wojtek Justyna Tree...Oh!? - FOH

Mixing of the live recording for that video:

Almere Haven Festival - stage tech

KC Big Band @ Koorenhuis - FOH

KC Ballet performances - FOH

RPHO - Radio Philharmonic Orchestra - Schizzo by Klaas de Vries - stage tech

Contemporary guitar quartet - stage tech @ Kleine Zaal/Concertgebouw

Sjors van der Panne @ Orhpeus, Apeldoorn and Nuenen

- preps at the warehouse -

Don Giovanni - BarokOpera Amsterdam

Indonesian Ambasade evening (light tech assistance)

Visit@ Circus Theatre - watching preps for the Beauty and the Beast Musical!

Symphonic Junction - Residency Orchestra in Paard van Troje